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It’s my day off, make your own title

I’m feeling ill today. Nothing serious, just bleurgh – sore throat, hot eyes, tired head, all that jazz. So I decided I needed to take the day off. Not just “do less”, but actually, deliberately, not work.

When you work from home, this is surprisingly hard to do, because the whole home/work/life balance thing is in a constant state of jumble, so it’s never quite clear where one ends and the other begins.

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To do, to do, waiting, reminder...

Of course, if I was a ‘work from home’ architect, or IT whizz, or even someone marginally more organised than a seagull, I’d have my own office, and then I could just shut the door, sit in there, and do worky stuff 9-5 and it’d be easy (haha). But I’m much more vague than that, and I also have kids to get to and from school, and meals to cook, and shopping to do, and so on.
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