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Failure is a point of view

I made some pretty bold resolutions last year, which felt really good. I didn’t manage to cross them off my list, not in the literal sense, but you know what, I didn’t do bad.

You’re probably thinking I’m just a great windbag, trying to twist words to say I did something positive, when it’s plain to see I fell on my arse, but Continue reading


Don’t take the art out of Sheffield!

Oh look, someone's been bunting again.

“Last year the Arts Council turned down Museums Sheffield’s application to become a National Portfolio Organisation, despite complimenting our ‘clear, strong, application’. Yesterday, we learned that our application for £1.4m of Renaissance Major Grant funding, cash which has transformed the service we provide for the city since 2004, had also been turned down by the Arts Council.

This comes at a time when local authority cuts, passed down from central government, are impacting badly on arts organisations. Our own local authority funding Continue reading

Working with a tale-teller

One of the very best parts of my working life is the chance to work/play alongside the inimitable Shonaleigh – described on her website as “a modern day Shaharazad”, she is a wonder weaver, a tale-teller, and a privilege to work with.

She got me running craft workshops in two primary schools in October, creating artworks to decorate Continue reading