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When I was little, I never did as I was told without first questioning the order and deciding if it made good sense. This (understandably) infuriated my dear mother beyond belief, to the extent the cry most often heard in my direction was “Why do you always have to argue? Why can’t you just do as you’re told?”, and I was labelled a stubborn and disobedient child. I was never horrible, you understand, just, um, independent spirited. It’s stayed with me, and I still refuse to do or think what others say I should, just because they have more ‘authority’ than me. I am a good person, and wish nobody harm. But if those in ‘authority’ insist upon unjust, harmful, or just downright dumb, rules, then I will not play by them. Because that’s what gets me most: Injustice. Nasty, guilty people getting away scot free, whilst good, honest folk have to live with whatever rubbish gets doled out to them. The powerful over the powerless. It stinks. But they only get away with it because we let them, so instead of waiting for someone else to sort out the mess, I try my best to follow Ghandi’s tenet: Be the change you want to see in the world.

I am an artist, a craftivist, a cook, a parent, a lover, a dreamer, an inspiration, and a pain in the arse. I am also incredibly funny, and full of the best ideas. I believe we all have a light to shine, and work to encourage and empower those who think they can’t, to believe that they can.

Hi. Who are you?


6 responses to “About me

  • rachel

    I really enjoyed this craftivist protest, and am now determined to get on more with my own craft stuff, making things with old buttons/beads and learn a few different embroidery stitches for future use…


  • nonracist

    When i was a child the Catholic school i attended was at a lose with me,once they had taught me something,i knew it and would ask why they kept on telling me ?I just stopped going to school.I was about seven and would have my lesson then leave !!They had had enough and put me in a home,unfair.So i kept on walking out,and walking out,and walking out somemore.In the end,they just let me go home.I was debating like an adult.Psychiatry was deemed the answer.I’m alright now.Lol


  • Ruth Edmonds

    hi. its Ruth here. Just wanted to say thank you for filling out my questionnaire. I have added South Yorkshire.. 😉 And to say that yes I would like to ask you more about the development with the council over the community garden. If I could email you that would be great! I love what you are doing and the land owners lack of mathematics!

    Kindest regards,



  • Vanessa Ryall

    Hiya…I met your brother in Youlgrave the other week,
    and he said I should read your blog..as we would ‘get on’….I have..and think we probably would.
    I want to move to Sheffield in the next year or so..
    and don’t know much about it really.My eldest daughter
    lived there for 7 years but is now in London…you might
    have come across her,it is a small world and we move
    in the same sort of circles,probably.Dolly ran choirs and sang in ‘Little Robots’.
    Any way..nice to read your blog….Vanessa.


    • Disobedient Child

      Hello! Yes he mentioned you 🙂 What brings/will bring you to Sheffield then? It’s a great place, there’s so much to do and see. If you need any tips, just ask! I’m pretty sure I’ve not met your daughter though, sorry.


  • julie richards

    I like this article, it makes me think of my fifteen year old son who argues about everything and questions everything. He has a heart of gold but finds it difficult to comprehend to why he should have to do things just because i want them done or why should they be done to my standard which he says is way to high for anyone to meet. He was considering becoming a barrister when he leaves school because of his debating talent. He could sell snow to an eskimo. Lol. I remember from a small age he could convince me to change my mind on a decision of no by the convincing arguement he put over.Nice to see that I am not alone. god bless your dear mother. Thanks for sharing this article


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