What are you like?!

I have an “About me” page somewhere around here, but nobody ever goes there. Yeah, this is about me, but I want to know about *you*. Who are you? What fires your passion? What kind of news article is bound to get your blood pounding, and which to make you smile and know that the world isn’t such a bad place after all? What do you do to relax, where do you go? Do you prefer to listen or see or both or neither?

I was waiting for the bus this morning, and an older lady tried to stand her trolley up, but it kept falling over. “There’s nowhere flat in this city!” she exclaimed (and she’s kind of right – Sheffield is built on seven hills). And because part of who I am is being remarkably restrained under provocation, I *didn’t* say No, not even Flat Street (a steepish hill in the city centre)! Although Flat Street is so named because it is an artificially flattened slope allowing passage from the medieval fishponds (now ‘Ponds Forge’) to the top of the cliff (a geological fold known as the Don Monocline) whence sat Sheffield Castle. I didn’t say any of that, I just nodded and smiled, and then got on the bus to go to my studio at Bank Street Arts. There are no banks on Bank Street (as far as I know); it’s so called because it follows the line of the bank of the aforementioned Sheffield Castle. It runs as far as Angel Street, which has no such historical beginnings, it’s just named after a pub that was destroyed by bombing in WWII. Did I just read all that? No, it’s straight from the recesses of my brain, after hearing it at one talk two Septembers ago at Festival of the Mind.


C’est moi

That’s who I am. I am somebody to be either sought out or avoided at parties, depending on how much random origins trivia you’re feeling in the mood for. I still need step by step instructions to fill out my tax return, but I’d be great on your pub quiz team.

As regards my questions to you: I am outraged by injustice, especially as regards the rights of children. I am comforted by humans, doing human and kind things – I believe the good outweighs the bad by a large margin, but it doesn’t make exciting news, so we just don’t hear about it (this is actually true). Choral music relaxes me, and Taverner, Tavener, Tallis and Part (composers, not a law firm) in particular. Walking in woodland, near water relaxes me. And sunshine, and gardens, and birdsong.

So, who are you?



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4 responses to “What are you like?!

  • Sabine

    I used to describe myself as a nomad and a mother. But now my child has grown and taken up my nomad spirit while I seem to have settled down. Which was never the plan but then again, I never had any plans.
    I am outraged by our willful ignorance regarding climate change, the new waves of racism and hate in my patch (and yours) and occasionally I also get mad at all the Heidi Klums of this world.
    I have been cycling since early childhood – which is a long time, believe me – not as a sport but as a means to get from a to b and back again. Daily. Long distance cycling makes me happy.
    I can manage not living by the sea, although that would be great, but I never want to live in a place without forests.
    There was a time when I played the recorder seriously, Telemann mostly. Baroque music makes me weep with joy, as does good 80s Brit pop and Irish female voices.
    If I want to be sentimental I say things like, humanity is my family and the world is my homeland. But only sometimes. Oh, and I read a lot.


  • Dylan

    I haven’t got a clue who I am! I read books with a dangerous fanaticism and, like any addict, come out the other side feeling sated and not sure if I should be doing this. I draw and I write and I try and convince myself it’s okay if no one ever sees them. Stories about the powerful exploiting the weak, of those in power rigging the game so they will always be in power and unchecked make me angry. Puns and self-referential jokes make me laugh, and my favourite joke is the Orange-for-a-Head joke because it doesn’t have a punchline. Staying inside makes me feel cooped up and also safe; being outside makes me feel free and terrified. I love people and I fear them in equal measure. And I love music where you can hear each instrument–folk, rock, blues, psychedelia. And I’m not even sure if I’m male or female.

    So, short answer: I don’t know who I am. But I seem to be muddling through anyway šŸ™‚

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