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Because sanity

My lazy dog lying on the grass in the sunshine

Be More Dog

Saturday was exciting, I had it all planned out.  Saturday Achivements:

1: Have shower
2: Get bus into town and meet up with IDAHOT (yeah, no B, as per always, don’t get me started) demo
3: Swish carefully across and join up with anti-austerity demo and march
4: Treat self and kids to nice cafe thing
5: Use opportunity of being in town to buy more school socks for Wonderboy
6: Shopping
7: Home, walk dog, make dinner, clear up, maybe watch a film. Etc.

Yeah.  I hate town even on a normal Saturday. I don’t like crowds, and I find having to juggle kids’ expectations/blood sugar levels/boredom thresholds/etc extremely stressful. But this was IDAHOT, dammit, and a country-wide anti-austerity protest; it was IMPORTANT.  Anyway, come the morning, both the smalls were telling me they were tired, and did they have to go into town, and how long would we be in town anyway, and blah blah blah. Yeah, you can see where this is going.

So I thought for a bit, and explained to my kids that what we were planning on doing today WAS important, but that nobody can help others if they do not first take care of themselves, and what I was hearing – from both them and my inner self (I call her Sophia; she’s one smart cookie and I should pay her more mind) – was that we could put our shoulder to the wheel of lefty liberalism (for want of a better term), and break in the process, or we could step back, recharge, and fight better for it. They both reckoned that was about right.

Anyway, I think I’ve posted before about doing-it-all parenting, and how I’m done beating myself up for not keeping up with it, so it is without regret that I can list my Actual Saturday Achievements as:

1: Had shower
2: Shopping (bought lots of junk food)
3: Had picnic (took dog with us)
4: Made dinner
5: Watched a film
And, overall and most importantly, 6: Didn’t lose my shit

So apart from the shopping, I actually had quite a relaxing day, how radical is that? Yeah.