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Like, literally, a polar bear

Supergirl is thirteen, and pretty darned cool, and *very* precise. I wasn’t really paying attention the other night at dinner, but when I zoned in on a conversation about one of her friends at school, my Pedant-Baiting persona kicked in. She does it to me all the time, it’s fun to be able to get my own back occasionally 😉

So, something something something… friends call her Polar Bear, because, you know, she is like, exactly like a polar bear.

Dad: Really? How?

SG: Her hair is really pale. She’s just a polar bear.

Dad: Oh. OK.

SG: *draws breath to (presumably) change the subject* …
Me (previously quiet and minding own business): Does she have all over body hair?

Dad and SG: What?!

Me: You said she’s like a polar bear. Does she have a black tongue?

SG: *stony face*

Me: Does she eat seals? Does she catch them and rip off their skin with her teeth?

SG: *stony face*

Me: Does she have a wet nose and really like swimming?

SG: *really quite dangerous stony face*

Me: 😀