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Surround yourself with crazy people, inspiring people, funny people, lovely people, and remember that you can be, and probably are without realising it, that to someone else.


Working from home, and joining the Latte Set. Or not.

I have been asked a few times ‘What do you do all day?’ This, as Samwise Gamgee discovered once, is the kind of question that requires “a week’s answer or none”. So it’s usually none. But hey, if you’re interested, read on (it will take less than a week, I promise).

Renoir paints my day

Lunch break, dahling! Renoir paints my typical day.

I work from home, and while I’d love this to be a simple 9-5, or even 9-3, with a break to meet my girlfriends for a latte and organic ciabatta in the park, followed by playing educational games with my children before rustling up a healthy tea with some fresh ingredients from the local Italian deli, it never really pans out that way.
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