Imagination vs. Internet

My 8yr old’s been watching a lot of internet videos lately, nearly all about Lego building. I’ve allowed this because he displays the most awesome ingenuity with his Lego building (and also because I’m a bit lazy, I’ll fess up to that). He used his saved pocket money to buy a Superman Lego set last week, and within two days had built it (twice) and then used the bits to create several new spaceships, a hover house, a dragon, and a mining truck with a drill on the front (driven by Lois Lane). Yeah, really.

Two spaceships, one with an extendible mining platform. So I'm told.

Two spaceships, one with an extendible mining platform. So I’m told.

Anyway, this Saturday morning I was painting the kitchen, and he came in and asked if he could go on the computer cos he was booored. I thought about the inspiration he’s undoubtably been gleaning from the internet, and I thought while that has merit, I’d rather he kept up the practice of delving into his own imagination, rather than sitting and being a passive consumer of somebody else’s. So I was a mean mummy, and I said no, you’ve been on the computer a lot lately, you’ll have to think of something else to do. He responded by lying on his back at the bottom of the stairs and sulking for about five minutes, complaining about how boooored he was. I ignored him, because I’m sympathetic like that. Then he got up and wandered off. This was where my hearing clicked into Suspicious Mode, but I could hear something (all parents fear The Silence), and it wasn’t the sound of anything breaking, so I carried on painting.

About ten minutes later he came running into the kitchen – Mum, mum, I’ve built a vehicle out of cushions!
Me: Oh cool, where are you going?
Him: I’m going to Legoland! Bye!
And that was it, for the next two hours. He’d run back and tell me about all the amazing stuff he’d seen at Legoland, and how he’d stayed in the hotel which was staffed by giant Lego figures, and where he’d be going next, and once “this is so fun, I’m not bored at all now!”
He went to Billund (Denmark – where he enjoyed a Lego breakfast in the Lego hotel), Windsor, and even to Legoland California, where they had Beluga Whales in the aquarium. Cool!

Yeah so the sitting room’s a disaster area, but my son’s brain is sparky as ever, and that’s worth any price. And no, you can’t see a picture of his cushion vehicle, you’ll just have to use your imagination 🙂


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