Man crisps? Woman up already

[disclaimer in advance: I respect men, I really do. Some of my best friends are men]

As a self-confessed salted-food addict – oh yeah, and as a woman – this pathetic excuse for a marketing campaign has been rubbing me the wrong way for a while now.  So I wrote a letter to McCoys crisps to let them know, because I am a kind and helpful citizen that way. I had to edit it a fair bit to fit it into their rubbishy contact-form, but here it is in the original, unedited format.  I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

A bit like "Man Flu"

A bit like “Man Flu”

Dear McCoys,

Your crisp packets ask if I’m “man enough” to eat them. Am I man enough? Really?

Let’s take a look. What do men do? They grow facial hair, start wars, lift heavy stuff and fix motorbikes. What do women do? They make our food, they make our clothes, they wash our clothes, they FIND our clothes. They form and feed and grow entire human beings within their own bodies, and then give birth to them.  They ensure the survival, nurture and non-nakedness of the human race. They suffer internal bleeding every month and DON’T DIE. They endure abuse and humiliation and ridicule just for being women. When women succeed, it is despite the odds, not because of them.

Your crisps should be asking, are you woman enough?

But anyway, judging someone’s toughness by their ability to eat a packet of ridged potato crisps? Who the hell thought that one up? And let’s not even start on the “We’re only going to market to half the population, which happens to be the half *less* likely to buy multipacks in supermarkets”. I suggest you need a new marketing team, because your current one is outmoded and lame. Are they men? Did you hire them because they eat crisps?

Guess what – I’m a woman, I have grown and raised two children, and I can eat more crisps than you, without bursting into unmanly tears, or getting fat. So stick that in your pint of mild.

Yours faithfully.


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One response to “Man crisps? Woman up already

  • Mark

    Lordy, the shenanigans I had getting WordPress to allow me to comment!

    Anyways, check out McCoy’s FB page, including the beautiful, “Took a break from watching the darts, scratching my balls and frightening the dog with my farting to neck a man-bag of your manly crisps, when I noticed through the fug of testosterone that emanated from the contents that your he-crisps are, and I quote, ‘Suitable For Vegetarians’. Please tell me this is a mistake.”


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