Failure is a point of view

I made some pretty bold resolutions last year, which felt really good. I didn’t manage to cross them off my list, not in the literal sense, but you know what, I didn’t do bad.

You’re probably thinking I’m just a great windbag, trying to twist words to say I did something positive, when it’s plain to see I fell on my arse, but that’s OK. These resolutions were for me. So let’s see how I did.

1) Get a tattoo. Well, I’ve put down a deposit for one, but the design wasn’t to my liking, and I haven’t been back to work it through, because I’m still not exactly sure myself. Permanent body art isn’t something I want to rush because my to-do list says I should. But I’ve taken that first step, so yay 🙂

2) Go fell running. Yeah, I tried running, and I put my back out so bad I could hardly walk for a week. I’ve been to the physio though, and am still working through the exercises, so should be in fit shape to start trying to get fit (if that makes sense) soon. First bendable, then fit, then fell running. On my way!

3) Learn to crochet. OK this one I failed at. Neeown, crash and burn, didn’t do this. Lame.

4) Join a rollerderby team. Went to my first bout, had fun, enjoyed watching, don’t think it’s for me. Don’t have the space in my life to commit to a team right now, and didn’t get quite fired up enough by the sport for it to demand a major life reshuffle. Fun though, and I will support the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls and Inhuman League at every opportunity, because they totally rock.

5) Shine. Yes I did. To list specifics here would make me feel vain and self-conscious, but I believe I did some awesome sauce in 2012, for myself and for others.  But look, piccies!

The Costumes

The Costumes

The Awards

The Awards

The Wedding

The Wedding


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