for 'The Telling'...

Once Upon A Time…

by Warren Draper

I’m still not exactly sure what The Telling is or where it is headed, but I’ll tell you what I know in the hope that we might work it out together.  I guess the easiest thing to do is follow the lead of the storytellers and begin at the beginning…

I’m a regular contributor to The Idler magazine; arguably 21st Century Britain’s most beautifully produced periodical. For the 2010 Back to the Land issue I wrote a history of the commons and land rights in relation to Barnsdale Forest; an ancient woodland which once stretched from Wakefield to Sheffield encompassing most of what is now South Yorkshire, and which – according to one of the oldest remaining versions of the tale – was the original home of Robin Hood. The historic nature of the essay caught the eye of fellow Idler contributor,

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