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The Upping of the Sticks, and all that jazz

This is *not* a post about Morris Dancing. Thought I’d say that now, in case you got all excited. I know it does that to some people. This is me, reminding you, gentle reader, that I still exist. Hello! I’ve been a bit preoccupied with Other Things the last couple of months, namely MOVING HOUSE (I wrote that in capitals to make sure you know how big and scary it was, moving house).

Because we rent, we had to make good the wear and tear of the last five years (we moved in just before our young son went through his Drawing On The Walls phase). Yes, we know how to have fun.

So, we get a week’s overlap to sort the old house out, and the first day we drop the kids at school and get straight to it with the clearing and the cleaning and the repairing and the repainting. Our neighbour (in her seventies) turns up half an hour in, bearing this:

The next day, around lunchtime, she comes round with this:


I mean, how brilliant is she?! We got a friend who does removals to move all our furniture, and she brought us out cheese sandwiches and mugs of tea. “I cut the sandwiches in rectangles, not triangles, because I thought triangles would make you feel too posh and then you’d relax and not get any work done” She really said that 😀 And then she came round all aproned up and cleaned all the downstairs windows for us. Neighbours like that are worth their weight in gold, and I will miss ours.

I will also miss our cable broadband connection. It took six weeks – six weeks! – to get broadband running properly here, and it still sulks occasionally. It’s a long and boring story though, so we’ll just skip that one. Make it up. Add tigers. But hey, online again I am, and let’s just give a big shout out to The Phone Coop, who really did do their darndest to minimise BT’s lameness in the whole sorry affair.

And we, the whole family, are *living* more than we ever did before. We’re right by the woods, which have a park at one end, and the Peak District at the other, and a cycle-track running along between the two. We’ve been out to the park, we’ve stopped on the way home from school and watched a heron catching fish, we’ve cycled out to the animal sanctuary to walk their dogs (heaven, frankly, for my 11 year old).

Marley, the borrowed husky

We’ve come home from the supermarket through the woods and looked at the bluebells and listened to the birds, and explained the finer points of crown green bowling. It’s just brilliant. I love it here so much. I love the trees and the countryside, and the sheer amount of STUFF that goes on round here. Arty stuff, music stuff, crafty stuff, eco-stuff, stuff stuff. So yes, moving house was expensive, and stressful, and harder work than I could have imagined, but I cannot be sorry for a heartbeat that we did it.

Eating candy-floss at the Duck Race

“Appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure and wonder” ~ Abraham Maslow

Next time: catch up on the thrilling tale of How I Still Haven’t Gotten Round To Tidying Away After The Move.