Monthly Archives: January 2012

Happy New Year! I knew I’d catch up eventually.

My kids’ school didn’t go back until the 9th of Jan, which meant I was able to put off being all new and shiny until the rest of you lot had finally got over your hangovers. Ha, last laugh goes to the tired parent with no social life! Maybe.
Anyhoo, I love New Year. I feel like a walking cliche, but I also really do feel like it’s a new start. OK so I’ll put “improve my grammar” on next year’s list, but I kept this year’s short and sweet.

I also posted it on Facebook, which not only puts it right out there to guilt me if I ever trip up, but, most unexpectedly, drew a whole heap of peer support! I have Ms Moll of Sheffield Steel Roller Girls offering Roller Derby support, as well as another friend wanting to take me just to learn how to skate without resembling an octopus being thrown across a room. One step at a time eh. I have an experienced fell runner offering me advice (I’ve said once I’m fit enough to run for a bus without gasping, I’ll take him up on that), two personal recommendations for great tattoo artists, a crochet teacher and a crochet learning-partner, and a lovely comment telling me “you already shine, so you can tick that one off” (aw thanks Jenny!). And of course the requisite sarcastic (but utterly wonderful) friend with the helpful reply: I fell running once.

As another friend pointed out though, “everything on your to do list sounds painful or dangerous”. From which you can tell that I’m either incredibly brave, or incredibly ignorant. But, life is too short not to do crazy stuff.

[ps] Our Christmas treat was going to be the panto, but we left it too late. So we thought we’d go to the cinema, but we couldn’t get the bank loan (seriously, have you tried taking a family to a weekend film?). So we thought we’d do something we’ve never done before, and we went… ice skating! Awesome, crazy, hilarious fun. We’re going to do new stuff more often. In fact, I’m going to add that to my list. You should too.