Monthly Archives: August 2011

Pause for thought. And life.

Blog all quiet; normal service will be resumed ater the summer holidays. Yeah, I was going to tell you all about the lovely and totally unexpected presents I got from the teachers I’ve been helping

and how wonderful and healing it was to spend a weekend at Festival at the Edge, listening to captivating stories and groovy music, and letting the kids run free.

Panic Circus and my daughter, doing their festival stuff

About my displeasure at Sheffield City Council for cancelling/refusing to fund PlayDay this year, despite its proven popularity. How much I loved The Illusionist. How a stay at Warwick Folk Festival was not only free (one of the many joys of being involved with a morris team), but full of great music, and better friends.

Bass Birds n Beats. Superb.

Kirsty Bromley, bringer of Pimms. We love you.

And I could have expounded at length some half-baked opinion on the recent riots, and subsequent political and judicial tub-thumping. I could have entertained you with tales of all the crazy songs (and actions) my kids are learning from their American cousins, and how much extra energy and laughter they’ve brought to a tired house.

What calm, sensible children

I could have talked about the ‘Squash and a Squeeze’ method of home expansion, and how cool it is to have my big brother and not-so-little nieces back in the country, and in my house.

But that’ll have to wait. Or indeed just dissipate into personal memory and unsorted photos. By the time I get back to my blog I’m sure there’ll be something completely different to bore you with. Have a great August, y’all!

Wooden ducks for sale in Warwick