It’s what day? Who?

I’m going to write a blog post today, and it’s not going to be about Valentines Day. Ha. So you people who got bunches of red roses delivered to your workplace, or found a box of Milk Tray on your bedside table this morning, you can just move along now, because this ain’t the post you’re looking for.

Nobody knows who St Valentine was anyway, or what he did that was so special or lovey-dovey. One claim is he was martyred in Rome by being beaten with clubs then having his head cut off. Who says romance is dead?

So anyway, I think February 12th is a much more important date. It’s so important that I was celebrating instead of blogging, which explains why this is late. Er. ANYWAY, February 12th was the birthday of Charles Darwin (yes, that one). To celebrate, the Beaty Biodiversity Museum in Vancouver held a competition (as it has done since 2009) to Bake a Cake for Darwin. This was my rather last-minute attempt to join the fun

beak cakes

Bird beak cupcakes

and it certainly made the kids pause and think about natural selection and the diversity of beak shapes amongst bird species before they wolfed these chocolatey little numbers. Well, a bit, anyway.


It would have been Darwin’s 202nd birthday, actually, and I’m betting he’d be pretty pumped if he knew people were still baking him birthday cakes in the 21st Century. I bet he’s smiling down from heaven right now.

Not only but also, 12th of February saw the birthday of storyteller extrordinaire Simon Heywood. He wouldn’t tell me which birthday, but I don’t think he’s reached 202 yet. I’m afraid to say I didn’t make him a cake – Darwin stole all that thunder – so I’ll have to see what I can do. If you haven’t heard of Simon Heywood, I suggest you go check his blog, and do try and see him live one day, it’s like so totally worth it.

Oh, and I also discovered my own theory of natural selection (I’ll be famous one day, people will be making *me* cakes), which is that in nature, it’s the best and finest who survive, but in the kitchen, it’s the best and finest who get eaten first. But thus, in a roundabout way, their recipe is preserved to be born again into the next generation of baked goodness.

cake wrappers

Survival of the fattest

I naturally select…. this one! With the most chocolate chips in.


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