It’s my day off, make your own title

I’m feeling ill today. Nothing serious, just bleurgh – sore throat, hot eyes, tired head, all that jazz. So I decided I needed to take the day off. Not just “do less”, but actually, deliberately, not work.

When you work from home, this is surprisingly hard to do, because the whole home/work/life balance thing is in a constant state of jumble, so it’s never quite clear where one ends and the other begins.

Google inbox

To do, to do, waiting, reminder...

Of course, if I was a ‘work from home’ architect, or IT whizz, or even someone marginally more organised than a seagull, I’d have my own office, and then I could just shut the door, sit in there, and do worky stuff 9-5 and it’d be easy (haha). But I’m much more vague than that, and I also have kids to get to and from school, and meals to cook, and shopping to do, and so on.

So anyway, today is my day off. No email checking, no to-do-list making, no worrying about deadlines, nada. And you know what? I’ve been more productive in the last three hours than I can usually achieve in a whole day!

I have (allow me some self-congratulation here) cleaned the kitchen, done all the washing up, planted some bulbs, repotted some cuttings (read: emptied all the pots of dead plants from the sunroom and replaced them with living ones – always better), made bread, carved up a roast chicken (into: bits for curry, bits for risotto, breasts for grilling, and soup), and put some rice pudding in the slow-cooker. And wrapped a birthday present. Yay me.

plants in the sun

Making with the happy

So, I’m going to take days off more often. Days off from worrying about all the things I haven’t done, days off from desperately trying to persuade more people to employ me for something, days off from fear.

messy desk

Less of this...

Tomorrow I shall try and pull my working to-do list into something more sensible, but for the rest of today I’m just going to relax, and think creative thoughts. I’ll bet I get loads done this afternoon.


...and more of this 🙂


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4 responses to “It’s my day off, make your own title

  • Disobedient Child

    LOL Alex 🙂 Pottering is easy, especially if motivated by having something yummy to eat at the end of it, but unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills. The rice pudding was darn good though


  • Alex C

    Ok, I give up. Please tell me how you managed to mark your emails with pretty tags saying things like “to do”, “waiting”, “reminder” etc, etc?
    I use gamil too but have fiddled and googled and can’t work it out 😦


  • Alex C

    Blimey, you did all that whilst feeling ill? Are you some kind of superwomen? (ok, so we all know you are but…)
    Last time I was ill the most I managed to do was make my way through two seasons of Packed to the Rafters! Quite a feat in itself but not very impressive 🙂


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