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Secret Agent Nielsen A

I just got an unsolicited job offer I can’t refuse!  I mean, I didn’t even apply for this, they must just have sensed my awesomeness and head-hunted me.  Get this:

Dear Applicant Nielsen A.

Corporation is seeking for industrious agent in Europe.
No practice necessary – free training available. Great earning ability.
We will prepare application form if you are interested to work.
– Must have a notebook with unlimited Internet access.
– Must have personal bank account.
– Requires good organizational skills.
– applicants must be fair and business oriented.
Working only some hours per day. You can easily combine our work with your
main work. Any person in the Ireland can become our agent.
Thank you for your attention, Nielsen A.

How cool?!  I mean, I’m not actually “in the Ireland”, but that’s surely just a cover, right?  Agent Nielsen A, I like the sound of that.

I’m guessing the personal bank account is so I can gamble the night away in Monte Carlo without attracting suspicion, and the “good organizational skills” includes things like a photographic memory for when I only get a momentary glance at someone’s security ID.

I’m going to reply right away, I can’t wait.  Do you reckon the free training will include scuba diving to reach secret underwater villain-lair entrances? Because I’m not sure I’d be that good at that.  I don’t like cold water.  Oh well, they approached me, so I’m going to trust they know what they’re doing.

Agent Nielsen A, signing off.

Hang on, should I destroy the email, or will it self-destruct? How do you eat an email?


It’s what day? Who?

I’m going to write a blog post today, and it’s not going to be about Valentines Day. Ha. So you people who got bunches of red roses delivered to your workplace, or found a box of Milk Tray on your bedside table this morning, you can just move along now, because this ain’t the post you’re looking for.

Nobody knows who St Valentine was anyway, or what he did that was so special or lovey-dovey. One claim is he was martyred in Rome by being beaten with clubs then having his head cut off. Who says romance is dead?

So anyway, I think February 12th is a much more important date. It’s so important that I was celebrating instead of blogging, which explains why this is late. Er. ANYWAY, February 12th was the birthday of Charles Darwin (yes, that one). Continue reading

It’s my day off, make your own title

I’m feeling ill today. Nothing serious, just bleurgh – sore throat, hot eyes, tired head, all that jazz. So I decided I needed to take the day off. Not just “do less”, but actually, deliberately, not work.

When you work from home, this is surprisingly hard to do, because the whole home/work/life balance thing is in a constant state of jumble, so it’s never quite clear where one ends and the other begins.

Google inbox

To do, to do, waiting, reminder...

Of course, if I was a ‘work from home’ architect, or IT whizz, or even someone marginally more organised than a seagull, I’d have my own office, and then I could just shut the door, sit in there, and do worky stuff 9-5 and it’d be easy (haha). But I’m much more vague than that, and I also have kids to get to and from school, and meals to cook, and shopping to do, and so on.
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