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OK, this week, instead of writing blog posts in my head, I’m actually going to write one on my blog. I mean, if you could read my mind, I’m sure you would’ve been, like, woah, this is so cool, I love your style! about the last few ideas I’ve had. But.

So anyway, here is a random post about interesting things I’ve discovered recently:

Bolsterstone: the village on the edge of nowhere

The 17th Century salt route from Sheffield to Cheshire. The landscape behind the camera is as, if not more, devoid of habitations than the landscape in front. And the footpath is *cobbled*! For miles!

Amazing tree in Millstones Wood

(Please supply own children)

Windy Hill crags: somewhere near Midhopestones

Rally against the govt. cuts: outside the Town Hall.

Yes children, welcome to the Tories

I mention this because having convinced myself that I had bored my children to tears explaining why the govt needs money, why it hasn’t got any, and why so many people are angry about this, I heard later that my 9yr had used her own words to explain all this to a taxi driver that evening, much to his and my husband’s amazement and cheer. OMG how proud am I?!

Wardsend Cemetery:

Dodgy colour, sorry; was very gloomy

I didn’t even know this was here! It’s completely hidden on a hillside, between a run-down industrial estate and the landfill site. Amazing.

Also, final resting place of the fabulously named Rosina Fingle. Love it. Not quite as good as Samuel Flowerbuttons (surgeon) buried in Painswick churchyard, but certainly on par with Charlotte Marvellous, in Burngreave Cemetery.

Lord of the Rings has its own biscuit!

I can easily rule my kids with these!

Thanks to my 9yr old (again) for spotting this, the perfect snackage to accompany Peter Jackson’s epic retelling.

Finding new stuff is fun, we’re going to do more of it 🙂


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