The story of me, unpublished

This is quite a short story, and I don’t know how it ends yet. Probably in a whole heap of rejection letters, but they can be a kind of badge of honour too, can’t they? The ending I’d really like is “and her stories were published far and wide, with illustrations by Peter Firmin”, but that might be pushing it, even for a fairy story.

Once upon a time there was a writer. Or maybe an artist. Or a cook. Or maybe she didn’t know, or maybe all three. First she had two children, and then she wrote them a story, about St George, and a meany old dragon, who was nonetheless open to sensible negotiation. They liked that one, but then she put it away somewhere safe and forgot about it. Then she cooked beautiful meals which the children wouldn’t eat, so she went and cooked them for some storytellers instead. The storytellers loved her beautiful meals so much that all their storytelling tongues fell silent when she put the food on the table. And then they laughed, because nobody had ever silenced their tongues before. Then the cook, or the writer, or whatever she was, went back to her children, and embroidered beautiful pictures for them. It was so much fun she embroidered pictures for other people, and thanks to the internet, was soon embroidering for artists and community projects across the world. She went into schools with one of the storytellers she’d cooked for, and made monsters, and kites, and all sorts of fun things with the children she found there. She taught her children how to sew, and to cook. And while her children were sewing, and cooking, she wrote another story, about some men who argued over who owned the mountain, and about a cook whose food was so beautiful it silenced their arguing, and the men parted in peace, and the mountain owned itself. Then the writer, or the artist, or whatever she was, wondered if anyone would ever want to publish her stories. So she sent them to a literary agent, but she didn’t know how to write an appropriate covering letter, so she wrote a story instead, hoping it would cover everything the agent needed to know.

Yours sincerely


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3 responses to “The story of me, unpublished

  • MsMoll

    oooo, how exciting. You need a copy of the Writer’s Yearbook – has lots of tips and addresses of agents. I have a copy from 2008 if you’d like it?


  • desertfish

    Check out Query Shark, whose blog might show you the way to write a good query letter. If not, it’ll entertain you anyway.
    If you find a good way of selling your stories, I’ve a couple you could have. But mostly – write because you want to, and have fun doing so.


  • Alex C

    Wow, go you! If I were a publisher I’d be dribbling in anticipation of your stories after reading your intro letter 🙂 I’ll cross my fingers and toes for you x


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