Spoons under the knife

Today I performed that most delicate of operations: repair of a favourite toy.  My son has a bear called Spoons (long story), whom he has loved as the other half of his soul for at least four of his five years on this earth.

Emily, Toby and Spoons

Spoons was at least second-hand when I bought him, from an old woman at a jumble sale who was reluctantly purging her collection of bears, and that was about seven years ago. He has been well loved, but four+ years of cuddles can make any bear thin and raggy. When my son complained that poor Spoons had no stuffing at all in one of his arms; something had to be done.

First, he was laid out on the operating table and sent into a deep trance (you can’t anaesthetise a teddy bear, don’t be daft).

It's OK Spoons, you won't feel a thing

His friends brought moral support, and waited anxiously on the sidelines throughout. And yes, Steve is a large cuddly tarantula – some kids would spend all their birthday money on sweets, not my Toby 😀

Tamworth comforts a nervous Steve

Once I’d found a side seam and nervously, carefully, cut it open, it was soon obvious what the problem was. Compare the existing stuffing, with the new stuff I replaced it with

Old and lumpy, or new and fluffy?

Blurgh! I was just going to add some more stuffing, but in the end I pulled all the old manky stuff out, and completely restuffed him with new fluff. Well, I say new, it’s actually from an old chair my father-in-law took apart for recycling – how green are we!
I then stitched his side up, and made another cut on his left arm. The paw got filled with…

Buy new plastic beans? I think not

to match the other paws. Then it was just a case of sewing his arm up, adding some more stitching to his poor nose

Poor nosey

et voila! Happy Spoons 🙂

So, I am now mightily relieved that Spoons is back to his former self. Rather more than his former self, in fact – he’s much plumper and cuddlier than before. Messing with favourite toys is a dangerous business. Get it wrong, even slightly, and you’re for the high jump. And rightly so, I think. Grown-ups too often dismiss things which are of vital importance to children. In the words of the late Albus Dumbledore “Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young”

Full recovery. Patient doing well


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2 responses to “Spoons under the knife

  • Brett-Morgan N.

    I remember Mom having to wash Dorothy and Toto when I was out hoping I wouldn’t find out, but when they smelled like Ocean Breeze instead of dust, and Dorothy’s dress was somehow a bit bluer, I found out, and I wasn’t happy ¬_¬ Hehehe 🙂 I love Spoons!


  • ngn

    Do you do house-calls? or should I bring Teddy with me next time? He was a present from aunty Ethel on my first birthday, so has seen empires rise and fall.
    Fraternal greetings and best wishes to Spoons from the Imagenarie Menagerie!

    H&N xx


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