Monthly Archives: October 2010

Stuff what I’ve found

OK, this week, instead of writing blog posts in my head, I’m actually going to write one on my blog. I mean, if you could read my mind, I’m sure you would’ve been, like, woah, this is so cool, I love your style! about the last few ideas I’ve had. But.

So anyway, here is a random post about interesting things I’ve discovered recently:
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The story of me, unpublished

This is quite a short story, and I don’t know how it ends yet. Probably in a whole heap of rejection letters, but they can be a kind of badge of honour too, can’t they? The ending I’d really like is “and her stories were published far and wide, with illustrations by Peter Firmin”, but that might be pushing it, even for a fairy story.

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Spoons under the knife

Today I performed that most delicate of operations: repair of a favourite toy.  My son has a bear called Spoons (long story), whom he has loved as the other half of his soul for at least four of his five years on this earth.

Emily, Toby and Spoons

Spoons was at least second-hand when I bought him, from an old woman at a jumble sale who was reluctantly purging her collection of bears, and that was about seven years ago. He has been well loved, but four+ years of cuddles can make any bear thin and raggy. When my son complained that poor Spoons had no stuffing at all in one of his arms; something had to be done.
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