Anti Plastic

Problem with a rogue Nestene Consciousness? You need Anti Plastic!  But that’s not what I’m about here.  I’m talking about the Disobedient Child’s new drive to reduce plastic consumption.  I’ve been aware for a while that my eco-credentials were slipping into complacency, but it was a quick read through of this post at that really made me realise just how shoddy I’ve become.  So, to action!

From now on I aim to REDUCE the amount of packaging and “stuff” I allow into the house, REUSE whatever I can (jam jars, plastic tubs, fabrics, and so on), and RECYCLE absolutely everything it is possible to recycle.  I’m not perfect, I’m not even brilliant, but I can try harder.

REDUCE: Packaging is the obvious one – don’t buy stuff with excessive packaging.  I stopped at the greengrocer this morning on the way back from school, and bought some Victoria plums, some cherries and some carrots. £3 and all in paper bags (inside my cool carry-everywhere-because-it-squashes-down-tiny shopping bag).

I love my funky lime green tote 🙂

If I’d gone to the supermarket, quite apart from coming out with more shopping than I went in for, and a stress headache, I’d have come home about £4.50 lighter, with two plastic punnets, in plastic nets, and a plastic bag (carrots).

REUSE: Hmm, apart from the obvious like jam jars and plastic takeaway tubs (the reason I will never be perfect. Mea culpa, so shoot me), I can’t think of anything specific here.  Both my parents grew up during the war, and whether this had any bearing on their, and my inherited, hatred of throwing anything away I don’t know, but it’s true I will always look for a way to reuse things.  Actually, my husband makes bagpipe reeds from yoghurt pots (these aren’t his, it’s just to prove I’m not making it up), but given the amount of yoghurt we eat I’m not sure he’ll keep up.  And I think bagpipes are subject to quite strict population control laws, too.  Clothes, certainly, are repurposed to within an inch of their lives in this house; only leaving for recycling or compost when they are too rubbish even to be rags.  And I just looked in our ‘sun-room’ and saw this 🙂 Hmm, a plastic chicken tray under a plant pot, tins for brushes, washing powder pots as plant pots (with their own lid/tray!), bottle as candlestick… even the painting is oils on an old paint tin lid.  I’m more of a hoarder than I thought :S

RECYCLE: Everything.  We’re on rechargable batteries now, but there are still a few normal ones slowly dying inside various toys.  When they’re dead, I pop them in my handbag, and thence to any battery recycling tub I happen to pass (most supermarkets have one now).

My brother once sent me this postcard, which I keep to hand because it makes me laugh, and reminds me not to get too boring about stuff like this 🙂

So there you go.  Small steps, but I will try harder to look after my children’s planet.  I’ll also try harder to keep blogging, and let you know how I’m getting on with this.  Any ideas, comments, suggestions, of course and as always, are most welcome.


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2 responses to “Anti Plastic

  • Jane

    Packaging!!! Drives me nuts. Toys are almost impossible to get out of all their packaging. (I’m having flashbacks to trying to get Barbie out of her box.)


  • Mrs Green

    Hey 🙂 So glad our little blog inspired you and you’re making some amazing changes. Well done you! I hope you enjoy your plastic reducing challenge, it’s amazing what you learn once you start looking into it. If you get stuck with anything, please give me a yell and I will see what I can do to help you 🙂

    Warmest regards
    Mrs Green


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