Monthly Archives: June 2010

A stitch in time

I’ve been really getting into cross stitch lately. I mean really. No, I haven’t suddenly aged 40 years and decided to make pictures to brighten up my retirement flat

Not on *my* bedside table, sunshine

I just love the medium. It’s creative and relaxing, and the end result is always pleasing. But what I like best is taking two (or more) things that really shouldn’t be mixed, and, well, mixing them.
Like Star Trek and Norwegian redwork embroidery
Not a bad wedding wish, actually...
(also featured as a Mr X Stitch ‘Stitchgasm’ – how cool!)

or… Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Navajo weaving and (duh) cross stitch

Cordelia gets all the best lines

I’m wasting loads of time this way, but loving every minute. Not exactly disobedience, but certainly mischievous 🙂 You can find more on my Flickr stream. Ill leave you with a favourite I stitched for my brother. It was a cracking picture, but I think the frame wasn’t compatible or something (he’s in Belgium). Ah well.


Simon Says…

Just to let y’all know, the inimitable Simon Heywood has finally been persuaded to set up his own blog. A treasure box of political delights (there’s a phrase I never thought I’d use), where he dissembles and debunks the news of today. So go on, hop on over to Simon Says… and have a read. Take a tissue, it’s bloody funny.