Monthly Archives: May 2010

Landed gentry

In the ongoing saga pertaining to the community garden, our dear friend the property developer has been informed, by the City Council, just how much land he does own. He put hardcore on “his” land, so you can see from the corrected position of the orange barrier just how far off the mark his “estimate” was.

Trespassers will be seedbombed

Yes, about half of what he claimed! Poor chap, I was never very good at maths either.
And, to top it, just yesterday I had to stop an elderly gentleman (in his 80s, I’d guess) from stealing plants out of our planters on Hillsborough bridge! Two thieves caught and knuckles rapped, and yet people still bang on about how the youth of today have no respect.

(With thanks to Leave To Brew for the photo – keeping those beady eyes peeled on our behalf)