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Chocolate is a vegetable

Monday was terrible. Tuesday was better. And today, to be on the safe side, I have made brownies. Because brownies hold truth, and happiness, and all that is beautiful. And I’m going to eat them all myself, because if I shared them other people would get fat, and that isn’t kind. I will make cabbage soup for my family, because it’s good for their health, and it will show them I love them.
Cabbage soup. Mmmmm
Everyone has bad days, but it is possible to minimise the immediate damage with chocolate (long term, this isn’t such a fantastic solution, but let’s not stray from the point here).
So, because my intention to bake-but-not-share was greeted, on Facebook, with “So giving, so caring, you’re the greatest, Abi!” (Aw shucks, Helena), I have decided that maybe the recipe at least deserved a wider audience.
Every time I make this I balk at the amount of sugar, but trust me, it works. I’ve tried other recipes, but they’re just not as good. Hey you want to get slim? Eat cabbage soup.

Charlotte’s Chocolate Brownies
(from my super chef friend, whom I’ve known and loved since I was about five)(She wasn’t a chef then; she was about five, too)(I digress)
100g/4oz unsalted butter
100g/4oz plain chocolate
300g/10oz caster sugar
pinch of salt
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 large eggs
125g/4oz plain flour
2tbsp cocoa powder
50g pecans (optional)
(I put a couple of spoons of orange marmalade in, too)

Preheat over to 180’C/Gas4. Butter and line 18cm/7″ tin
Melt butter and chocolate, then cool slightly.
Stir in sugar, salt and vanilla. Add eggs one at a time, stirring well after each one. Add cocoa and flour and beat until smooth, about 30secs-1min. The exercise will do you good.
Spoon into tin and bake for approx 35 mins, until cocktail stick/skewer/clean pointy thing of your choosing comes out almost clean.
Allow to cool, cut into squares and store in airtight box. Will keep for about six hours, with discipline. Don’t tell anybody else where they are, or even that you made any.
Delicious brownies

There, I expect you feel better already.