Abi vs. The World

We saw an exciting game here yesterday as Abi defended against The World.  The game started well for Abi, who stormed ahead with four goals scored in the first hour, by Shower, Laundry, WashingUp and Breakfast.  In a powerful retaliation, The World sent in Royal Mail.  They kept possession skillfully for a while, repeatedly failing to answer the phone to answer for a lost parcel – using alternating ‘ignored’ or ‘engaged’ tactics – they then passed deftly to DWP who scored a beautiful goal with a bodged query. The red tape sent it right to the back of the net.   Within ten minutes there came a surprise double goal from Wisewood School, closely followed by yet another goal from The World’s star striker, The Weather.  Abi was crumbling, it was a nail-biting time.  But then, a brave fight back with a steamed pudding finished and put in the slow-cooker, and a birthday parcel packed and ready to post.  The game went quiet for a bit,  then Abi made another exciting bid for the goal by returning a stack of library books, only for it to bounce off the bar with a £1.30 fine for late return.

But Abi was looking for an opening, and it came about an hour later with a spectacular goal scored by a £10 Oxfam coat, closely followed by the successful posting of the birthday parcel.  Tense times with a near own-goal by Abi in the Save the Children shop, narrowly saved by Common Sense, then Abi roared home in triumph with perfect goals from On Time School Pick Up, Nachos and another score by the steamed pudding.

What a game, what a win!


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