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Abi vs. The World

We saw an exciting game here yesterday as Abi defended against The World.  The game started well for Abi, who stormed ahead with four goals scored in the first hour, by Shower, Laundry, WashingUp and Breakfast.  In a powerful retaliation, The World sent in Royal Mail.  They kept possession skillfully for a while, repeatedly failing to answer the phone to answer for a lost parcel – using alternating ‘ignored’ or ‘engaged’ tactics – they then passed deftly to DWP who scored a beautiful goal with a bodged query. The red tape sent it right to the back of the net.   Within ten minutes there came a surprise double goal from Wisewood School, closely followed by yet another goal from The World’s star striker, The Weather.  Abi was crumbling, it was a nail-biting time.  But then, a brave fight back with a steamed pudding finished and put in the slow-cooker, and a birthday parcel packed and ready to post.  The game went quiet for a bit,  then Abi made another exciting bid for the goal by returning a stack of library books, only for it to bounce off the bar with a £1.30 fine for late return.

But Abi was looking for an opening, and it came about an hour later with a spectacular goal scored by a £10 Oxfam coat, closely followed by the successful posting of the birthday parcel.  Tense times with a near own-goal by Abi in the Save the Children shop, narrowly saved by Common Sense, then Abi roared home in triumph with perfect goals from On Time School Pick Up, Nachos and another score by the steamed pudding.

What a game, what a win!


Without permission? How dare he!

Some of you my remember I posted last year in self-congratulatory mode about a community garden I helped to carve out of some council wasteland (and such is my laziness as a blogger that if you don’t, you only have to scroll down half a page to find it). We didn’t ask permission to start gardening, we just did it. Over the next few months we attracted some more volunteers, and donations from the public of plants, logs and even railway sleepers. After just 18 months, the land is now an officially recognised community garden, has won three prestigious awards, earned over £1000 of grant funding, and, most importantly, attracted praise, admiration and gratitude from just about everyone who passes.

Holme Lane Community Garden

Silver Gilt! Go us

But what’s this? A property developer? The same property developer who faced us off one day saying we were “on his land”? He knew (and was a little put out to discover that we knew, too) this was *not* his land – only the bit behind the advertising hoarding is his land (note this). He’d just assumed that when he built his proposed flats he would then be able to pave this area over for a car park. Oh how we laughed! Oh how the planning officer laughed too, when we queried this. He doesn’t even have permission for a building, let alone adjacent parking. I’ve been bluffed by experts mate, try harder. (Aside: he also complained to the council we’d dumped all our rubbish on his side of the fence, and thus had to pay for its removal. Utter tosh, we have the photos to prove otherwise, and actually it was the council themselves who removed all our rubbish! Dimwit.)

Anyway, he moved again this week. Skips, bulldozers, on it came. And off it went quite quickly, too, after the inimitable Wendy tipped off the council enforcement team. Oh yes, we’re sharp.

The remains of our Buddleia bush 😦

As it looks now

Now then, how sharp are you? Check those photos, particularly the position of the grey toilet (top centre in the first garden photo). Does anything catch your eagle eye? If you (like me) cried aloud “The cheeky &*@# has moved the boundary line!” then give yourself a pat on the back. Land Registry will be getting a boundary query very soon.

He may think that moving quickly, digging and clearing without official permission and hoping no-one will stop him is acceptable behaviour, but tough. It was for us, but not for him. I’ve always heard it’s one law for the rich, one for the poor, but I’ve never agreed with it until now. We can be cheeky &*@#s too 🙂