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We can’t go on like this

(With thanks to the Right Hon. Mr Cameron, or whoever it was thought up the most negative election poster* campaign in history. Barack Obama? Yes we can! David Cameron? Er, no we can’t.)
Anyway, this blog has lain idle since last summer, and that’s a bit rubbish. I keep thinking deeply profound thoughts, but never actually get round to committing them to a coherent blog post. Twitter is useful here, because micro-blogging is something my miniscule attention span can cope with. But that doesn’t help The Disobedient Child to actually sit down and do her homework, does it. Maybe I doomed myself to failure with the title of this site 🙂

So, from now on, I’m going to blog more frequently, about all sorts of things. Yes, I’ve just got back from London, where visits to the Spacemakers Brixton Village project

"Brixton People" pop-up photo gallery in Brixton Market

and the launch of the latest Children’s Society report into children’s wellbeing both threw up lots of questions, ideas, and interesting observations, but still those things pale before my latest news.  Even questions such as, who thought up the idea of putting together several interpretations of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and performing them not once, but four times a day, for a week, in a disused shop frontage in Brixton Market? How inspiring, how bonkers, and how brilliant!
Questions such as, why has it taken so long for a report like the one published on Thursday, detailing the factors which affect a child’s happiness, to be produced? It’s only since the UNICEF study of 2003, which placed Britain bottom (bottom!) of the table of developed countries for children’s wellbeing, that people have even started taking an interest. The English thinking that “children should be seen and not heard” is long overdue a good shoeing.

But time is short, and the most important thing right now is, I made Chelsea Buns! No really, I did! I’ve been meaning to give them a try for ages, but today I did it. Yes we can!
And now, being someone who has actually made Chelsea Buns, let me share my wisdom with you:
They’re a right old faff, and they don’t quite work as perfectly as the cookery book would have you believe.

But by gum they’re worth it. And they’ll render your tasters (husband, in this case) speechless with joy and admiration. If you want to ruin a diet (yours, or (vindictively) someone else’s), this is the way to do it.

Buns this good need a giant cup of tea

So. From now on, more postings, you can count on it. And probably more buns, too.

*If you follow this link, make sure you view the original site, it’s genius.