Shall we wait for the government to revitalise politics?

Or should we just get off our butts and do it ourselves? Hmm, how long do I have to think about this one…

For further information, and hopefully inspiration, I will hand over to George Monbiot; an infinitely smarter and more coherent person than myself….

“For the first time in my life I resent paying my taxes. Until now I have seen this annual amputation as a civic duty – like giving blood – necessary to sustain the life of a fair society. Suddenly I see it as an imposition. Its purpose has reverted to that of the middle ages: subsidising the excesses of a parasitic class. A high proportion of the taxes I pay will be used to bail out companies which, as the Guardian’s current investigation shows, have used every imaginable ruse to avoid paying any themselves.
I think that for many people this is the final blow: the insult which seals their alienation from the political process.”
Now click here to read what he proposes we all do about this. And then do it, of course. Or something like it. I have more to say on this whole doing vs. waiting for someone else to do it for us thingy, but not right now. You’ll have to wait. Ha ha.


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