Lost a glove, love?

Well, it’s OK, everybody does it. The number of gloves you find lying around at this time of year is quite staggering. This annual phenomenon has been commented on elsewhere, so go read that (and associated links) for a more thorough, scientific explanation.

But you know what? I found your glove. I took it, I tagged it, and I released it into the wild!

These gloves were released in Broomhill, Sheffield – let me know if you spot them. It felt kind of naughty, just leaving them there, a bit like committing glove graffiti. But, they’d already been left! And picked up (quite possibly not even by me – yes, you know who you are, my fellow random glove picker-uppers!). So, it can’t hurt really. It’s nice to leave messages – I hope they make people smile 🙂

[ps: the grey one says “Property is theft” – it’s a bit hard to read. It’s supposed to be ironic. The words, not the hard to read… Oh never mind]


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2 responses to “Lost a glove, love?

  • jane stranz

    I’ve heard about doing this to books but gloves?
    And Sarah I don’t know why you’re worrying about the glove’s welfare you’ve said on your blog that it wasn’t cold enough in Sheffield for such things to be of concern to officialdom at least.


  • SarahH

    But is it cruel releasing gloves into the wild? Can they cope? Are they handy enough to survive?


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