Bake for a change

This kind of stuff really pushes my buttons. A gingerbread eco-house competition!

I love to mix and match. I have children to look after, and work to do, and I’m not exactly the most organised of individuals anyway. So finding time to act on all the things that bother me in this world is not easy. Things like going on protests and demonstrations, organising or helping with events, meetings, stuff like that.
For a while I resigned myself to being an armchair activist; writing too many letters to my bored MP, getting into pointless arguments on internet forums. But then I was invited to get involved with the Open Source Embroidery project and it slowly began to dawn on me that just as some people use their time, their finances, and their ability to organise to voice their protests, so I could use what *I* was good at. I can sew, and I can bake, and it’s high time I joined the growing wave of crafters and bakers in reclaiming these “domestic chores” from those who would demean them.

I’m not sure if any of this makes any sense, but I think what I’m trying to say is along the lines of, Yes, I can be a Feminist and still like to cook! It might be more ‘traditional’ to link the skills of a graffitti artist with the voicing of a political message, but why can’t a stitcher have something to say, too? Or someone who makes gingerbread houses?


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