Knit-in for Peace!

I’m still young, but I hope when I’m old, I’ll be like these guys: The Granny Peace Brigade!

John Emerson characterized their protest very well:
“Grannies vs. generals; slow, manual creation vs. fast, technological destruction — this is not just non-violence, but perhaps an opposite of violence.”

Their calm, unflustered, and stubborn knitting of socks and blankets for victims of both sides reminds me of a grandmother (not mine) during WWII, who would watch the aerial dogfights above London and every time a plane went down, English or German, would utter “A mother just lost her son. God bless them”.

Looking at some of these women, and listening to their words, makes me realise that with age there comes a confidence, and a wisdom. Strip away all the playground posturing of our leaders, all the militarism, pride, protectionism and aggression. These disobedient grannies know what’s really important in this life. How inspiring.


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One response to “Knit-in for Peace!

  • Dougald Hine

    One of the most interesting bits of the last couple of years in my life has been making friends with several people who are old enough to be my grandparents. On the one hand, they are as young inside as I am – on the other, there are a whole load of things which they no longer feel any obligation to take seriously. I find this very encouraging.

    Thanks for the link to Other Excuses. I’ll add you back when I next update my links list. Look forward to following the blog.


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